Charlie’s Writers Club


Maintaining a robust mental health is so important.  Becoming involved in something creative can be an effective diversion from stress and worry.

It’s an opportunity to share your thoughts, your memories, your humour, your poems and your stories.

Suggestions for writing

You may want to share what you feel about having to stay home.

Could you put your thoughts into verse?

Have you written any short stories?

Could you write about your plans for your garden when Spring arrives?

Which is your favourite countryside walk?

Why do you enjoy coming to Charlie’s?

Have you written anything about your experience of illness?

What do you value the most?

Did you make any New Year resolutions?

What is happiness?

What was the best birthday you ever had?

What was the longest/most interesting/most dangerous etc journey?

Favourite recipe?

What incident has made you laugh the most?

Finish this story: “Someone that I hadn’t seen for years walked into the  café… ”

Feel free to choose other subjects. Articles can be as brief as you wish. To begin with, please keep articles to no more than about 1500 words. We can revise this as we go along.  Articles about Politics or Religion are not acceptable.

How to send your contributions:

Send them by email to:

Please bear in mind that your Charlie’s audience will include families.

You can ask for your name to be withheld if you wish when your writing appears on the Writer’s Page, or you might wish to use a pseudonym, just let us know.

All contributions will be very welcome! Time to put your thinking caps on.