Charlies Groups

Within Charlie’s we (currently) have 2 groups that support specific requirements from within our community, namely – Charlie’s Children and Charlie’s Knitters.

If you would like to start a group within the Charlie’s community please get in touch with us.

Charlie’s Children

For all children whose lives are affected by cancer in their family

Charlie’s Children hosts events and activities during the school holidays. We also open many of our social events to family members, so keep an eye out in our events page for dances and parties, and much more.

Charlie’s Knitting

A knitting group open to everyone

Charlie’s Knitters meet every Wednesday for a relaxed and social knitting group that is open to everyone. Run by Mavis Irma and Isabella – beginners and advanced knitters welcome. Charlie’s Knitters are joined by Sarah leading Charlie’s Crochet and Cross Stitch weekly!

“The environment here at Charlie’s is just so lovely – it’s just what you need”

– Heidi (Charlie’s Community)