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Bereavement support

Bereavement is the experience of losing someone important to us.

Grief is a process of emotions you go through as you gradually adjust to the loss.

Losing someone important to us can be emotionally devastating, whether that be a partner, family member, or friend. It is natural to go through a range of physical and emotional processes as we gradually come to terms with the loss. 

Bereavement affects everyone in different ways, and you may experience a range of emotions. There is no right or wrong way to feel. 

Grief can be difficult and stressful and nearly everybody goes through it at some point in their lives. It can be difficult to predict how we might react to a loss, as it is an very individual process.

Please contact us to make an appointment with our Holistic Bereavment Support Team.

You may experience any of the following:

Sadness or depression. This can be brought on at the realisation of the loss and may cause you to isolate yourself whilst reflecting on things you did with your loved one or focusing on memories from the past.

Shock, denial or disbelief. It is natural for our minds to try to protect us from pain, so following a loss some people may find that they feel quite numb about what has happened. Shock provides emotional protection from becoming overwhelmed, especially during the early stages of grief, and it can last a long time.

Numbness and denial. You may find that you feel numb after a loss. This is natural and helps us to process what has happened at a pace that we can manage, and not before we are ready. It is natural and can be a helpful stage – the only problem being if numbness is the only thing we feel, and none of the other feelings associated with grief, as this can cause us to feel ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’.

At Charlie’s we have a team of specialised therapists and volunteers to support you through and after bereavement.  Many of our volunteers have their own personal experience of bereavement and want nothing more to support others through a difficult time…..

Talking during this time is vital, it does not need to make sense, it does not need answers, and it does not need someone to take it away.  But what you need is a safe environment to talk and process how you are feeling.

You can do this at Charlie’s in our group Bereavement Meetings (please see our timetable) or 1:1 with holistic support.

This is a difficult diagnosis to receive and no one will react the same nor will the time feel real that is now to come. 

Try to make amazing memories and enjoy the simple things in life together.

Plan a simple picnic even in your own front room/bedroom if they are not able to go outside

Plan special wishes – places you would like to visit together, favourite restaurant

Remember to let the person know how you feel/how much they mean/ and ask if there is anything that you need to know from, them before

Enjoy and cherish time together |