You can volunteer by contacting Charlie’s Team Leaders by phone, through our website Contact Form, or by commenting on facebook.

All the good friends that run Charlie’s are volunteers.

Team Leaders offer support and guidance to our teams – we have no paid staff.


The Therapy Team

Team Leader : Joanne Sutherland

Jo has had cancer herself, and founded Charlie’s to give others support during and after cancer. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and trained in reflexology and Indian Head Massage as well as a Reiki master, and nutrition advisor.

The therapy team seeks volunteers to offer complementary therapies and therapeutic activity groups, almost always at Charlie’s Therapy Centre.

Occasionally there is a need for therapists to spend time with palliative care patients in their own homes.

Volunteers will undergo DBS clearance and a minimum of two training meetings. References may be required.

07786 547439

The Centre Team

Team Leaders : Kate Farminer & Jo Sutherland

Kate joined Charlie’s as a pet therapist with the lovely therapy dog Whispa, and also runs art workshops and children’s activities. She is a special educational needs teacher with centre management experience, mum, and grandma.

The Centre team needs volunteers for meeting and greeting members and  guests, preparing and serving refreshments, making cakes and salads, keeping the centre tidy, organised and in good repair, for office jobs such as sending out letters or printing flyers, and many other tasks.

Kate is seeking leaders to organise single events such as  The Carers’ Lunch or regular events such as team meetings.

We also need volunteers to help with the Charlie’s membership communication, from befriending an individual to creating and circulating regular Newsletters.

Charlie’s runs groups that need leaders and organisers – Charlie’s Children, Charlie’s carers, and more. Could you take a lead or supporting role ?

For roles that involve working with people, volunteers will take part in DBS clearance and at least one induction day.

07771 857573

The Premises Team

Team Leaders : Jo Sutherland and Andy Liddle

Andy is on Charlie’s Advisory Board and also rents space at Unit 2 where he runs Financial Fitness Ltd. He has ambitious plans to extend the provision at Unit 2 so that we can offer health and wellbeing activities, a greater range of therapies at the centre, and our own shop.

The premises team always need help to maintain and develop the building. Currently we need help painting the 30ft high frontage, provision of more signs, keeping the gutters cleared, putting up signs in the Bristol Road area; also installing an electronically linked smoke detector system, fire extinguisher brackets, and an intercom system.

There are always more tasks to do!

07786 547439

The Fundraising Team

Team Leaders : Kate & Arthur Farminer

Kate and Arthur have volunteered for local and national charities in Gloucester and Essex alongside their teaching careers and busy parenting years.

At Charlie’s, Arthur is responsible and for organising all donations – china, toys, stationery – everything, and making sure that each item raises the most money possible for Charlie’s, and for setting out collection boxes across town. He leads a busy fundraising & events calendar and need volunteers all year for manning our events around the Gloucester community such as summer fairs, tabletop sales, and market stalls.

Could you take on our future Charlie’s Shop ?

Charlie’s Needs Your Help

There are always posters and flyers to go out, publicity events to attend, schools businesses and shops to persuade on board.

We are also seeking a patron for Charlie’s, as well as a local company to sponsor Charlie’s t-shirts, and grants and donations from any local organisations.

We also urgently need a volunteer to hold responsibility for routinely communicating information to the local press and radio agencies such as “What’s On”; and another to mastermind selling online through local sites.

07771 857573

Anything Helps !

Volunteers should be able to offer a regular and reliable commitment to our work at Unit 2 Madleaze Road, and/or to our fundraising in the community.

However small your contribution is, if it is reliable and helpful, it will make a difference to someone.

The team members at Charlie’s are all volunteers. As well as enjoying our work we have all made many lovely new friends who support each other.

Charlie’s Community Cancer Support Therapy Centre is a great place to be – come and find us and  join our vibrant and busy team.


"Charlie's gives you a really lovely feeling, just knowing you are not alone in this" - Sarah (Charlie's Knitter & Community)