News from Highnam Court

In memory of lovely friends – 
Joan Peter and Helen, Becky, Chris Rob Jane and Jane, and John,
and many friends parents and partners that we remember with great love, 

I have heard from Highnam Court today to say that our lovely friend Jane Bruton has this week lost her quiet and brave battle with cancer.

Jane acted as our link to Highnam Court, where we have held very successful Charlie’s Days Out. She enabled us to have wonderful relaxing days and was full of kindness and enthusiasm, manning the soup urn and tea kettle and keeping us all really organised. We will truly miss her. I’m sad we can’t be “Partners in organisation’ anymore. Jane didn’t say much about the many ways she helped the community but I believe she held a central role in the Pied Piiper charity.

One of my best memories is Jane insisting that I (in my new camper van with little Alli as passenger) should  take the van round to the orangerie door. Along a narrow footpath. I had a look and said definitely can’t do it. Jane said Go on ! Arthur had a look and said Don’t do it. Jane said It’s easy… Alli got out the van and stood by the wall with both hands over her eyes. Jane said “Don’t worry about the trees!!! Hurry Up !!!

Well I bumped past flowerbeds and  fountains and brushed through pines and hazels and parked the van as directed.Jane never said a word, just smiled. Later in the day John brought me a large chunk of white plastic. What is it ? I asked. Found it in a tree, he said. It’s a bit of your campervan roof.

Jane just smiled and poured the tea.

Jane’s husband Mike, and Roger Head who owns Highnam Court, will be inviting Charlie’s members to visit the grounds and tearoom once more, on FRIDAY 27th October from 10:20 to 2:20. We have set this in half term so that families can come along. Of course all carers and friends of members are welcome.

SNacks drinks and lunch are all provided. No donations of food will be needed although a small amount of cash to help cover costs always helps.

If you could volunteer to be on the planning team and help organise  the buffet and the ticket distribution, please get in touch.

On our Highnam Court Day we are honoured to be invited to plant Charlie’s Memory Tree. We hope the children will help in preparing the soil at 11:00 and planting the tree at 1:30. Then we can have a quiet moment to consider all our thoughts of many many dear friends and family members,  including a special thought for Jane’s friends and family.

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